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    Unofficial Tier list



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    Unofficial Tier list

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    This is unofficial and needs discussion, this was just composed by me. It goes in order, Sasuke first then Hiruko and so on. (Specials= Hard moves, The super moves as some people call them I call them Chakra moves) Also THESE ARE SINGLE, not teams! They completely change when they are in a team. Some of the lower characters jump to the high tiers when this happens, I will make a team tier list when there is more discussion on the singles. Im also not the best speller, bare with me I know I spelled oponite wrong.

    S Tier:

    Sasuke (A easy to execute combo will take out your guard, very long ranged chakra moves, swords damage is slightly broken and has a warp to behind that doesnt take any chakra.)Buffed

    AA Tier:

    Hiruko (demented range and speed, his specials allow him to space really well and are spamable.) New

    Orochimaru (Very good, fast, all around, has a counter, can stop chakra, unpredictable, counter. Need I say more?) Buffed

    Sai (Has many spamable moves and quite a few combos allow you to warp behind your oponite, however his melee techniques are slow.) New

    A Tier:

    Itachi (Decent with range and up close, his chakra moves keep the oponite guessing, and specials make him unpredictable and give him many playing styles. Very balanced.) Nerfed

    Yugao (extremely fast and amazing melee ability, however lacks a ranged game.)
    Anbu Kakashi (Nice speed and damage, specials are very spamable and in sharingan he gains a huge power boost.)New

    Komachi (Good melee and the best ranged game in this game, with the ability to stop shurican in the air, however she can be predictable unless you spam shirican freeze which takes up chakra.)

    Kakashi (Somewhat like Anbu Kakashi, but not quite as fast and horrible chakra move at sharingan, played similarly but not as great.)Nuatral

    Sakura (Another balanced character, she can break guard with her down special and heal herself, she also has amazing melee game.)Buffed

    BB Tier:

    Lee (Great melee game and the ability to power up his attacks for 2 chakra bars, he also can open another gate to have his chakra charge and the ability to use his chakra move from across the stage and still hit, when he opens the second gate he becomes very unpredictable. However he is put lower than others due to the gate of light taking away health and has very little ranged game, a higher tier would wipe him out quick.) Buffed

    Deidara (He has ALOT of spamable moves and controls the map and isn't to predictable, however has poor close ranged game.) New

    Towa ( His is placed here for his great specials, His back special he deploys claws which enance his Light attack combo, making it as strong as a 3-4 bar chakra special, not only his down special allows him to teleport behind the oponite after a few hits, his side special also hits the oponite alot and is very spamable, great for breaking blocks.)Buffed

    Hinata (She is fairly predictable in both awakened and non awakened state, you will be expecting the same combo, light light light special light light special (Special if not in awakened) awakened state makes her play similar to Neji, however gains a slight power boost. She also has a good air shurican.)Buffed

    Neji (Plays similar to awakened Hinata, his special fully charged breaks shields, when they are broken you either let out a chakra or chakra down or combo the helpless victim, both Hinata and Neji dont have many styles of play, making them predictable.)Buffed

    Kabuto (A good close range and a wide range of moves, however lacks far ranged attacks)

    B Tier:

    Tenten (Very fast and very unpredictable, however lacks a ranged game without setup, she i put all the way back here because of her lack of ranged game, and cant stand up to the standards of Yugao)

    Kisame (Very annoying and drains chakra with his sword, the clone also traps the oponite, he would be placed higher if he he even had a bit of range.)New

    Naruto (Your basic character, once again all around, however in nine tailed fox he jumps up to higher then Towa.) Buffed

    Yamoto (Just a spammers delight, a bit overpowered also, but EXTREMELY predictable.)

    Granny Chiyo (If you can space, you can play her. Her A moves have awesome range and such, but if the oponite gets the puppets a bit far away from her, she can take some serious damage.)
    Shikimaru (A decent character, he is all around and can warp behind the oponite, but he is predictable at the same time.)

    Shino (Has great specials and Nuetral special is overpowered if used correctly, his shuricans are unique and are multi hitting, can be unpredictable unless you are a spammer.)

    Sasori (He is very fast, that is his only plus really, he is average in everything else.)

    Choji (He has super armor (Attacks without being able to flinch) On his nuetral Special, and can charge chakra really well against a close ranged oponite with his down special, however he lacks range and is very slow.)

    Gaara (Another spammy character, you cant win with him unless you do, truthfully.)

    Kakuzu ( Another spammy character, but his damage is a slight bit low.)

    CC Tier:

    Asuma (Very strong, but predictable and doesnt have to good of a range game)

    Guy (Like Lee but with less options and NO ranged game, a high tier will wipe him out quick)

    Kiba (He is very strong and fast, but higher tiers are just a better choice.)

    Kagura ( decent range but not much of a good close ranged game, she is also nicknamed "Swingy" (Me and my friend call her that Razz) not to much to say about her.)

    Temari (Her fan and such gives her a good range and physical game, but there are better all around characters to pick from)

    Anko (She is predictable, but she has cursed state.)

    Jiraiya (Fairly slow and not to strong, he also isnt a tank, not to many good qualities about him)

    Baki (Someone fill me in more about Baki.)

    C Tier: (The bottom characters)

    Hidan ( Fairly predictable, he has fast close ranged attacks but super slow far ranged, he would be ranked higher if he had more broad set of moves.)

    Bando (Fairly slow and ranged attacks are slow, even with multishot. He is predictable, his only good quality is his down Chakra move which makes him resistant to flinching and super fast.)

    Tsunade (Somewhat like Sakura only much slower and more predictable, she can heal herself however she must hit the oponite to do so)

    Kurenai (Very slow and very predictable character, she relies on her basic special which takes up chackra and can be blocked, some of her combos can be conter attacked just by the oponite spamming light.)

    Kankuro (Amazing in teams, but lacks skill in singles. Oponite can take him out if he gets close to Kankuro.)

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